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ABC Globals Ltd. employs a far-reaching global network that stretches across six continents. Our core business encompasses integrated logistics, international freight forwarding and express.

We are one of the leading partners of WCA World Logistics Partnering stretching our reach around the world with one stop solution in all logistics support from the supplier’s door to the buyer’s door for our valued clients.

We offer our customers considerable reliability and flexibility in supporting their continuing growth and expansion in China, Asia and around the world.

We provide complete connectivity, accessibility and visibility through our supply chain visibility system.

As a South Asia’s premier logistics service provider, we are deeply vested in your success in both the region and the larger global environment. We understand the uniqueness of the Asian market, particularly that of China. Our expertise extends beyond the mechanics of logistics, and far into the diverse business and cultural nuances that effect smooth, seamless transportation of goods.

When you partner with ABC Globals Ltd. you partner with a powerful network designed to help successfully drive your business at the global, regional and local level.